To say that I love pom poms is an understatement.
There is something about their fluffy softness and cheerful colors that just make me so happy!
So this year, I wanted to create a pom pom Christmas wreath that will bring deliciously cozy vibes into our house for the holidays.
Because really, what could look more welcoming and joyful than a cute colorful wreath hanging on your door.
And the best part is that it is so easy to do, your kids will love getting their little fingers busy on this project!

Colorful pom pom Christmas wreath hanging on turquoise door

Colorful pom pom Christmas wreath hanging on turquoise door

Colorful pom pom Christmas wreath hanging on turquoise door


Supplies needed for DIY Pom Pom Christmas Wreath: colorful wool yarns, foam wreath, sharp scissors, cardboard circles

  • A foam wreath form (ours is a 14” form)
  • Wool yarns in the colors of your choice
  • Set of cardboard circles of different diameters (we used 2.5”, 2” and 1.5”)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


    For this wreath, you will need pom poms, a lot of pom poms and even more pom poms!
    For our 14” wreath, we used 18 large, 40 medium and 25 small.
    Each pom pom takes about 2-3 minutes to make, perfect to keep kids entertained on a rainy afternoon.
    Hand wrapping yarn around cardboard disc to make a pom pomHand holding a cardboard disc fully wrapped in yarn
    For each size of pom poms, you will need to cut 2 discs on a piece of cardboard with a 1” opening in the center and a slit on one side.
    Put both cardboard discs together and start wrapping your yarn.
    The thicker you wrap your yarn the fluffier your pompom will be.
    Hand cutting yarn wrapped around cardboard discs
    Once you are happy with the amount of yarn used to make your pom pom, start cutting the yarn, by pushing your scissors between the two discs (sharp scissors make a big difference).
    Hand tying yarn around pom pom
    Next, take a long string of yarn and wrap it between the 2 cardboard discs and around your pom pom, and tie as tightly as you can.
    Pom pom next to scissors, cardboard discs and yarn Pom pom next to scissors and yarn trims
    Pull your pom pom from the discs. 
    At this point, your pom-pom probably looks a little odd and misshapen. 
    Take your scissors and trim all around to shape.
    Pom poms in various colors
    Finally, roll your pom pom in your hands to fluff it and voilà!


    Foam wreath being wrapped in yarn
    Wrap your wreath with a layer of yarn, making sure to not leave gaps and fix it in place with a few dots of hot glue.
    You can skip this step if you’re in a hurry but doing it will give your wreath a very nice finished look from every angle.


    Now let the fun begin!
    Hand holding hot glue gun to fix pom poms on wreath
    Start by placing your pom poms on your wreath without gluing it so you can adjust sizes and colors if necessary.
    When happy with how it looks, use your hot glue gun to fix the pom poms on the wreath.
    I find it easier to start by placing randomly the bigger pom poms on the front, then adding the medium ones to mix colors and finally filling any gaps with the small pom poms.


    Colorful pom pom Christmas wreath hanging on turquoise front door. 

    Now hang it on your door and let happiness flow in your house!