Petit Nomade offers stylish beachwear collections that makes a positive impact in the world by supporting ethical and sustainable practices.

Rooftop view of Marrakech and the Koutoubia by sunset
Men cycling and motocycling in a street of the old city of Marrakech
Handwoven girl's straw basket with pink pompoms and hand embroideries, next to the shade of a palm leaf
Entrance door in Marrakech with traditional white plaster carvings over a pink wall

Committed to celebrating this unique heritage, our collections are made exclusively by independent artisans carefully selected for their savoir-faire.

Working directly with our partners allows us to build ethical relationship, pay fair-trade prices and help build a sustainable future for them and their families.

Traditional basketweaving in Marrakech

Through handmade details and reviving of century-old traditions, our collections tell the story of the community we partner with to bring the Petit Nomade spirit alive.

Girl's straw basket being hand embroidered with pink wool in the Marrakech souk
Moroccan artisan crafting traditional trimmings with sfifa threads